GuestObsessed is a customer satisfaction survey designed by Checkers and Rally’s to gather feedback from their customers. By participating in this survey, you can share your opinions about your recent dining experience, helping the restaurant improve its services and offerings. In return, you may receive rewards like discounts or free menu items as a token of appreciation for your valuable input.

GuestObsessed is an online guest satisfaction survey by Checkers and Rally’s, designed to collect the experiences of recent customers with the restaurant chains, answering key questions about the real meaning of guest-obsessed and what makes the visit worth it. One also gets a chance to win special rewards like a Checkers free sandwich card; this means during the next visit, one will be awarded an entirely free sandwich.

What is GuestObsessed Survey?

GuestObsessed Survey is a customer feedback platform created by Checkers and Rally’s, two American fast-food restaurant chains. This survey allows customers to share their dining experiences, providing valuable information about what the restaurants are doing well and where they can improve. Established in 1986, Checkers and Rally’s have grown significantly, merging in 1999 to become a single fast-food restaurant focused on delivering high-quality fast food.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants must be legal residents of any of the 50 states in the U.S. or the District of Columbia.
  • Only adults are eligible to participate in the survey.
  • The survey must be completed within three days following a purchase.
  • Each voucher can be used for only one purchase.
  • You may complete the survey multiple times online if desired.
  • Each ticket or voucher remains valid for use within 30 days.
  • A valid validation code and the original receipt are required for participation.
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Employees and staff of the company are prohibited from participating in the survey.

How to Access the Survey Site

To participate in the GuestObsessed Survey, follow these steps:

  • Make a Purchase: Visit a Checkers or Rally’s location and make a purchase to receive a receipt with a survey invitation code.
  • Visit the Survey Website: Go to the official survey website,
  • Enter the Required Information: Input the survey code from your receipt along with any other required details such as the date and time of your visit.
  • Complete the Survey: Answer all the survey questions honestly and thoroughly, providing feedback about your recent dining experience.
  • Submit the Survey: Once you’ve completed all the questions, submit the survey.
  • Receive a Reward: After submitting, you may receive a validation code for a reward, such as a discount or a free menu item, which you can redeem on your next visit.

Rewards for Participating

You will get many other time to time rewards and a good offer for one free SANDWICH with your big order after you finish this Checkers poll.

Why Your Feedback Matters to Checkers or Rally’s

Direct Impact on Service Quality

Your feedback is crucial for Checkers and Rally’s to understand how well they are meeting customer expectations. By sharing your experiences, you help identify areas that need improvement, ensuring that each visit is better than the last.

Influence on Product Offerings

Customer preferences and tastes can change over time. By participating in the GuestObsessed Survey, you provide valuable insights that help Checkers and Rally’s adapt their menu to better suit your tastes, potentially leading to the introduction of new and exciting products.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Your honest feedback helps Checkers and Rally’s enhance the overall customer experience. By addressing the issues and acknowledging the positives highlighted in the survey, they aim to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, making each visit a pleasant one.

Tips for Providing Useful Feedback

Be Detailed

When filling out the GuestObsessed Survey, provide as much specific information as possible. Describe the food, service, and overall atmosphere. Detailed feedback helps Checkers and Rally’s understand exactly what aspects of your experience need attention or improvement.

Be Honest

Honesty is key when giving feedback. Whether your experience was positive or negative, truthful responses ensure that Checkers and Rally’s receive accurate insights. Honest feedback helps them identify genuine strengths and areas that require enhancement.

Focus on Your Entire Experience

Consider every aspect of your visit when completing the survey. Think about the ordering process, the friendliness of the staff, the cleanliness of the restaurant, and the quality of the food. A comprehensive view of your experience provides a complete picture, helping Checkers and Rally’s make well-rounded improvements.


Q: Who can participate in the GuestObsessed Survey?

A: Anyone who has recently visited a Checkers or Rally’s restaurant and has a valid receipt with a survey invitation can participate.

Q: How do I access the GuestObsessed Survey?

A: To access the survey, visit the official survey website printed on your receipt. Enter the required information from your receipt to begin the survey.

Q: What do I need to complete the survey?

A: You will need a recent receipt from Checkers or Rally’s that includes a survey invitation code, a device with internet access, and a few minutes to answer the survey questions.

Q: Are there rewards for completing the survey?

A: Yes, upon completion of the survey, participants are typically offered a validation code that can be used for discounts or free items on their next visit to Checkers or Rally’s.

Q: Can I take the survey more than once?

A: Each survey invitation code is valid for one use only. You can participate multiple times if you have multiple valid receipts with unique survey codes.

Q: How is my feedback used?

A: Your feedback is used to help Checkers and Rally’s improve their products, services, and overall customer experience. The information you provide is valuable for identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Q: Is the survey available in multiple languages?

A: The availability of the survey in multiple languages depends on the region and the specific survey invitation. Typically, surveys are available in English and Spanish.


Participating in the GuestObsessed Survey is a straightforward and easy way to share your thoughts and improve your future dining experiences at Checkers or Rally’s. By providing detailed and honest feedback, you contribute to the enhancement of their service and menu offerings. Plus, you get rewarded with a Sandwich for your time with discounts or free items. So, if you’ve recently visited Checkers or Rally’s, take a few minutes to complete the survey and let your voice be heard.


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