TellPopeyes Customer Satisfaction Survey is designed to gather the most important feedback from customers about their dining experiences at Popeyes. This survey aims to assess various aspects of the customer experience such as food quality, staff friendliness, cleanliness, and overall satisfaction. By participating, customers help Popeyes identify areas for improvement for the franchise.

Popeyes value your opinion and wants to hear about your recent dining experience through the TellPopeyes Customer Satisfaction Survey. This survey is designed to gather your feedback on various sides of your visit, including food quality, service efficiency, and restaurant cleanliness. By sharing your thoughts, you help Popeyes to be better in its services and make sure a constantly excellent experience for all customers. Participants often receive a reward, such as a discount or a free menu item, on their next visit.

What is TellPopeyes?

TellPopeyes is a customer satisfaction survey designed to gather feedback from customers about their dining experiences at Popeyes. Launched to ensure the company maintains high standards of service and food quality, this survey allows customers to share their thoughts on various sides of their visit, including food, service, and cleanliness. Popeyes, founded in 1972 in New Orleans, has grown into a beloved fast-food chain known for its Louisiana-style fried chicken.

How to Access the TellPopeyes Survey

Participating in the TellPopeyes survey is easy and requires a recent Popeyes receipt that includes an invitation to the survey. Here’s how you can complete the survey:

  • Go to to start the survey. The site is available in multiple languages to gather help from a large range of customers.
  • Your Popeyes receipt should have a 16-digit survey code on it. Enter this code in the required dialogue box on the website.
  • Answer all the questions honestly based on your latest visit to a Popeyes restaurant. The questions will cover various angles of your experience, such as food taste and presentation, service quality, restaurant cleanliness, and overall visit experience.
  • After completing the survey, you’ll receive a validation code. Write this code on your receipt and bring it with you on your next visit to Popeyes to redeem a reward, usually a free item or a discount as specified on the receipt.

Key Metrics in the TellPopeyes Survey

Food Quality:

TellPopeyes focuses on the main priority of our brand, the delicious food. Share your thoughts on the taste, freshness, and variety of our menu items, from our fried chicken to our mouthwatering sides.

Service Experience

At Popeyes, we focus on the helpfullness. We want to make sure every interaction, whether in-store or at the drive-thru, leaves you satisfied. Let us know about the warmth, staff behaviour, and accuracy of our service.

Restaurant Atmosphere

Your Popeyes experience goes beyond just the food. We want to hear about the cleanliness of our locations too. Share your thoughts on the cleanliness, atmosphere, and benefit and enjoyment of our restaurants to help us make your dining environment even better.

Overall Satisfaction

We value your overall satisfaction with Popeyes. Share your feedback to help us understand what we’re doing well and where we can improve. Your provided info drive us to continuosly make your dining experience better and more customer accurate.

Why Your Feedback Matters

Improving Service Quality: Your feedback directly influences the quality of service at Popeyes. Sharing your experiences helps identify the parts of service where the staff can improve, ensuring the customers a better service experience for everyone.

Shaping Product Offerings: Your opinions on the menu items play a very important role in what Popeyes offers. By letting us know what you enjoyed or didn’t, you help us to make menu options that better match customer preferences.

Enhancing Overall Experience: Detailed feedback allows Popeyes to improve the overall dining experience, from the aesthetics and cleanliness to the obdiency and friendliness of the service. Your input ensures a more enjoyable visit for all customers.

Tips for Providing Effective Feedback

When filling out the TellPopeyes survey, here are some key pointers to make your feedback more impactful:

Be Detailed: Instead of broad comments like “service was good,” provide specific examples, such as “the server was quick to refill our drinks.” The more to the point you are, the better Popeyes can understand and improve specific features of their service.

Be Honest: Give genuine feedback about your experience. Whether your visit was satisfactory or needs improvement, your honest opinion is critical for enhancements.

Focus on Your Entire Experience: Cover every detail, from the moment you entered the restaurant to your exit. Consider the cleanliness, staff behavior, meal quality, order, and any other element that changed your visit. Detailed feedback helps Popeyes enhance every angle of their service.


Q: How can I participate in the TellPopeyes survey?

A: It’s easy! You can access the TellPopeyes Survey at tellpopeyes or follow the convenient link located directly on your Popeyes receipt.

Q: Will my feedback remain anonymous?

A: Absolutely! The TellPopeyes Survey is completely anonymous, so you can share your honest thoughts freely.

Q: How frequently does Popeyes review survey outcomes?

A: Popeyes is committed to continuous improvement. We regularly review survey results to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Q: Can I expect seeing changes based on my feedback?

A: Yes! Your feedback is essential. We use it to improve food quality, train staff, create a more inviting atmosphere, and innovate with new menu options.

Q: Are there any rewards or incentives for survey participation?

A: While there isn’t a current reward program, your feedback is the most valuable reward for us! It helps us create a better Popeyes experience for everyone.


Your awareness play a essential role in making the quality of service and offerings at Popeyes. By participating in the TellPopeyes survey, you contribute directly to the improvement of your future dining experiences and help ensure that your expectations are not only met but exceeded.

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